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Adding printers to your MacBook

Please follow the outlined procedure to add a printer to your MacBook

Launch Self Service

  1. Navigate to Self Service (located in your Dock)
  2. Select your school printer category from the left side (e.g WSS Printers)
  3. Install / Reinstall your school printers

Confirm your printers are working

  1. Open up Microsoft Word and click “File -> Print” from the menu
  2. Enter your password in the box that appears, and be sure to check the box to save your credentials to your keychain
  3. If this box does not appear, the printer icon in your dock will ‘bounce’ with a small yellow triangle.
  4. Click the icon, and to the right of the print job should be a small ‘refresh’ icon. Clicking this will ensure the credentials box appears
  5. A banner across your screen notifying you that your job has been held in a queue will appear, denoting you have successfully printed