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Email Client Setup


For information on how to set up your email client on Mac or PC, please refer to: Email setup on Laptops and Desktops. (Please note Outlook desktop client is not supported by IT for most staff.)

iPhone (Cloud Email)

To connect Apple Mail on your iOS device to SD42 email servers, here are the required steps.

  1. Open Settings -> Mail
  2. Tap Add Account and then Microsoft Exchange (or Accounts -> Add Account)
  3. Enter your username in the email address field (<name>
  4. When prompted to ‘Sign in to your “” Exchange Account’, tap “Sign In”
  5. You’ll be redirected to an SD42 login page to enter your password.
  6. Select which items you wish to sync to your device (mail, contacts, calendars, etc) and tap save.


For further directions you can also visit Apple’s guide on connecting to an Exchange email server here.