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Device Refresh

Confirm your Device Platform (PC or Mac) and Acceptance of the 'Data Loss Statement'

1. Log in to SD42 WebHelpDesk, click the ‘History’ tab and look for a ticket with the subject ‘Staff Laptop Refresh’.

2. Once found, click on this item and the ticket will open in a new pane to the right.

3. Scroll down in this pane to the ‘Laptop Request’ field. This field is already pre-populated for the device you currently have so you only need to register a preference change.

4. Click the ‘Agreement’ button underneath these fields to record that you have read and accept our ‘Data loss’ statement.

5. If you wish, you may also add comments into the ticket under the ‘Note Attachments’ field then click the ‘Save note’ button.


Back up your data to your SD42 OneDrive

Prepare Data for Transfer/Backup Personal Data 
Backup your data to OneDrive.
SD42’s IT Department accepts no responsibility for data loss.

Disk space on your new device is limited, please adhere to the following guidelines for data migration:

  • Make your own independent backup of personal data, especially photos and music, remembering that this backup of personal data must not contain ANY student-related data.
  • Retain copies of downloaded non-district provided software installers for applications you may need once you receive your new device.
  • To preserve your browser bookmarks, you will need to backup or export them and upload these files to your OneDrive for access from your new device.

To upload your data to OneDrive, you have a few options:

Local Filesystem via OneDrive Sync Client: 
The sync client keeps your local and OneDrive files in sync automatically. In most cases, this has already been configured by IT. If it has not, the process below will walk you through setting it up.
If you need assistance with configuring OneDrive the IT (Information Technology) department is here to help. Please give the helpdesk a call at 604.466.6248 and we will work with you remotely to make sure OneDrive is syncing.

To set up the OneDrive sync client on your computer: 
1.  Launch the OneDrive app
2.  Sign in with your SD42 account ( and select which files and folders you want to sync.
3. Check the onedrive app icon in the system tray (PC) or menu bar (Mac), it will report sync errors and suggest how to fix them interactively. Your backup is not complete until the sync client reports ’Your files are synced’! Click on the sync icon to view this status message.

Web Browser (two methods to choose from):
For either browser method, sign in to your SD42 account by going to ‘‘ and entering your district username ( and password.
1. Drag and Drop:

a. Open the OneDrive window,
b. Navigate to the desired folder location.
c. Drag files or folders from your computer’s file explorer or Finder into the OneDrive window.

2. Upload button:

a. Click on the ‘Upload’ button in the OneDrive interface.
b. Select the files or folders you want to upload from your computer.

Regardless of method used (file sync or web upload) it is strongly recommended that you confirm all files are backed up by reviewing the contents of your OneDrive on the web.

All content you place in OneDrive is private unless you specifically choose to share it.
Additional resources on how to backup using OneDrive are available here:
Windows (PC)

Bring in your current device to exchange for its replacement

Prepare your current device for exchange: 
1. Remove all stickers
2. Perform a general cleaning of the device. How to Clean Your Laptop 
3. Collect the power adapter and any adapter dongles that were distributed with it

Exchange your device:
IT will visit each school to exchange your old device for the new one.
(Additional details regarding device exchange to be added.)

Note that once your laptop is received you have 30 days to inform us of any missing data. While IT will not assist in recovering missing data we will make the old device available to you so that you can locate and transfer the data.
After that period, we will begin re-imaging recovered machines for other purposes.

Customize Your New Device

By default, you will not have administrative privileges on your new device. This means that you will be limited as to what software you may install. Any software titles that you need for your work functions can be installed from the ‘Company Portal’ (PC) or ‘Self-Service’ (Mac). If a title you need is not available there, please create a ticket to request that software.