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Password Guidelines

To help protect School District No. 42 resources, all computers and services require a password to access.

Passwords must contain characters from three of the following five categories:

  • Uppercase characters of European languages
  • Lowercase characters of European languages
  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
  • Nonalphanumeric characters: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;”‘<>,.?/
  • Any Unicode character that is categorized as an alphabetic character but is not uppercase or lowercase. This includes Unicode characters from Asian languages.

Your password may not be a part of your username and if you’re changing your password then you cannot reuse the same password.

An example of a password that meets the minimum requirements would be “Canucks1”, however this is still a very easy password for somebody to guess. An example of a more secure password would be “aB1e&w!lling.”

To learn more, visit the password checker educational service offered by Kaspersky. Please do not enter your real passwords into the site and always be cautious of non-trusted password checkers.