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Parent Portal

The SD42 Parent Portal allows parents/guardians to register their child for kindergarten, fill in school forms, sign off on field trips, receive timely school and school district communications, make secure payments online, and much more.

The portal was developed in response to the need for a more streamlined, paperless approach to communications between parents/guardians and their child’s school. While the Parent Portal is not intended to replace face-to-face communications, it does offer an alternative to paper forms, long registration line-ups and in-person cash payments.  For more information on the Parent Portal, please refer to the School District website.

Below you will find some links for staff assistance.

Parent Portal Login Links
Assistance by Form Type
Form Specific Information Center (with Video Tutorials):
Assistance by Report Type

Use this section to assist you in viewing the various report types available on the portal, including:

Form Review & Approval Process