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PerfectMind Community Booking Calendars

SD42 uses the PerfectMind solution to manage community bookings of rooms and gymnasiums in our district.

Tutorials for staff using this system can be found below.  We advise that you review tutorials in the sequence presented below.

Tip: Once playing video, you can expand it to full-screen view using toolbar that appears if you hover pointer over bottom of video.

Tutorial 01 – How to Log In and Select Favorite View:

Tutorial 02 – Changing Your Password

Tutorial 03 – Calendar Colors Explained

Tutorial 04 – Entering Single Booking

Tutorial 05 – Entering a Repeat Booking

Tutorial 06 – How to Book Multiple Facilities in One Booking

Tutorial 07 – How to Add an Exclusion Date

Tutorial 08 – Conflict Outside of Working Hours

Tutorial 09 – Conflict with Rentals

Tutorial 10 – How to Switch from PAC or School When Client Field Has Been Pre-populated

Tutorial 11 – Removing Your Favorite View and Selecting Something Else

Tutorial 12 – Reports