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Welcome to your SD42 TOC Laptop

This laptop is part of an initiative to place leading edge technology in the hands of all teachers. The device itself is a ‘gently used’ laptop or Surface tablet with hardware still capable of running the latest Windows Operating System.  The Surface tablets are intended to give STEM teachers a device capable of managing the complexities of teaching that subject matter, while the regular DELL laptops will suffice for most other tasks.  Adapter dongles are also available for accessing classroom projectors.

The Operating System is a version of Windows 10 running in ‘S Mode’.  From Microsoft: “Windows 10 in S mode is a version of Windows 10 that’s streamlined for security and performance, while providing a familiar Windows experience. To increase security, it allows only apps from the Microsoft Store, and requires Microsoft Edge for safe browsing.” Check out Microsoft’s common FAQs on S Mode here

By running in S Mode, the day to day usability and reliability of these TOC Laptops is greatly enhanced.  Data security is maintained with disk encryption, and easy access to your SD42 resources, including Webmail, OneDrive and Office Web Apps, via Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts are provided .  While you can still save your files ‘locally’ to the device’s hard drive, we recommend saving them to OneDrive for ‘device independence’.  What this means, is your files will always be available to you, regardless of the device (or school) you are assigned.  You can also access them from home and share them with colleagues, including the classroom teacher whom you are replacing.

The device is managed by ‘InTune’ and linked to ‘Azure Active Directory’  the latest offerings from Microsoft in Cloud managed devices, to ensure seamless integration with all SD42 resources.  To log in, use your (UPN) along with your email password; in less than a few minutes, you’re ready to go with a fast, reliable toolset in hand!

Your TOC Desktop at a glance:

   MyEducation BC Log On – Opens in Edge to take you directly to the MyEdBC login page

   OneDrive Online – Opens your personal SD42 OneDrive using your login credentials for seamless access to your files

   PaperCut WebPrint – Access PaperCut Webprint to upload documents for printing

   SD42 WebHelpDesk – Opens the SD42 WebHelpDesk login page where you can place a ticket for service and support of your device, or offer feedback

   SD42 – Takes you to the district website for access to resources such as your time sheet.

   SD42 Webmail – Opens your SD42 mail account in the Edge Browser without the need for your password

   TOC Device README – Direct Link to this page

Questions, comments?

We would like to hear from you!  Create a WebHelpdesk ticket with the Request Type of ‘Computers & Software’->’Devices’->’TTOC’

Request Microsoft Store Apps or Feature Enhancements

Some facets of the project are still under development; keep checking back for updates on more features and functions.

We’re here to support you!!

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