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Form Review & Approval Process

The form in our parent portal follows this process:

  1. A staff member (teacher/secretary) proposes a form using the Create Forms menu item in their staff interface (Figure 1)

    Figure 1: Create forms menu

  2. They fill out the form details and form targeting requirements, and submit the form proposal
  3. Once every 24 hours, a process on the parent portal scans each school’s Pending Forms queue for outstanding form submissions.  If found, an email notification is sent to that school’s administrators (Figure 2)

    Figure 2: Admin ‘Pending Form’ notification

  4. The school administrators then review any Pending Forms in their staff interface, and select a form to view the following information:
    • What type of form is submitted
    • Who submitted the form
    • The status of the form
    • When the form was submitted
    • A Review Details link, which opens the form and allows editing of the form and it’s intended targets
    • A comments field for the proposer, which is sent via email notification once the form is approved or rejected
    • An Approve button to approve the request and send a comment back to the proposer
    • A Reject button to reject the request and send a comment back to the proposer (Figure 3)
  5. Cancel button to defer and review for later

Figure 3: Form review dialogue

* Please note that the form Approve/Reject status and comment will also be logged in the user history page

** In cases of Level 2 field trips, the form isn’t approved until the board office approves it as well.  In this case, the status will be changed to “Awaiting Board Office Approval” in the history


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