Board of Education

Policy Manual

Policy Development

The Board develops policy with the assistance of management, and with input from education partners and the public. The policy development process is outlined in Policy 2500.

There are two other administrative directives and guidance documents:

  • Procedures are developed by senior management to offer clear direction and guidance to carry out Board policies, goals and objectives.
  • Practices are developed by staff and approved by department heads to provide information and assistance to various department members to effectively and correctly complete their work.

Numeric Order and Filing of Procedures

The Procedures are numbered and issued using the policy number as the authority for the issuance of a policy; the numbering format, therefore, will be that each procedure under a policy would be given an extension number starting with one.

Section 1000: Foundations & Philosophic Commitments
Includes the district’s mission statement, guiding principles, motto and logo policies

Foundations and Philosophic Commitments

The Foundations section consists of statements which clarify the foundation principles of the public school enterprise. The school board is a legal entity- an autonomous body created by the legislature – intended to function in a democratic manner.

The Philosophic Commitments, stated as an educational philosophy, serve to guide the directions, actions and determinations of staff and Board. The philosophy should be interpreted by goals and specific objectives, the achievement of which should be assessed through a comprehensive and efficient evaluative program.

Section 2000: Board Governance & Operations
Policies addressing the Board's own operations, procedures, practices, and conduct
Section 3000: General District Administration
Policies regarding the organization of the district, including those pertaining to the superintendent and other senior management positions
Section 4000: Finance
Policies concerning the financial aspects of the school district, including those pertaining to the budget, purchasing and accounting procedures
Section 5000: Support Services
Policies regarding non-instructional services and programs, such as critical incident procedures, bus transportation, student records and school equipment
5310 Disposal of Equipment (Approved February 13, 2013)
5400 Transportation of Students with Special Needs (Approved June 12, 2013. Amended April 29, 2015, February 3, 2016)
5400.1 Procedure – Student Transportation (Received June 12, 2013)
5400.2 Procedure – Students with Special Needs Transportation Registration
5400.3 Procedure – Regular Student Transportation
  Transportation Fee – Low Income Waiver
5401  Use of Board-Owned Buses – 15 Passenger Vans (Approved September 12, 2012)
5401.1  Procedure – Use of Board-Owned Busses – 15 Passenger Vans (Approved September 12, 2012)
5575  Nutrition (Approved February 13, 2013)
5700.1  Access to and Management of Public Information of the Board (Approved February 13, 2013)
5700.2  Collection, Protection of and Access to Personal Information of Board Employees (Approved February 13, 2013)
5700.3 Management of Information of Board Employees (Approved February 13, 2013)
5700.4 Collection, Protection of and Access to Personal Information of Private Individuals (Approved February 13, 2013)
5700.5  Management of Personal Information of Private Individuals (Approved February 13, 2013)
5701   Records and Information Management – General (Approved September 12, 2012)
5701.1  Procedure – Records and Information Management – General (Approved September 12, 2012)
5701.2   Procedure – Records and Information Management – Classification System Retention Schedule (Approved September 12, 2012)
5780   Information Technology and Communication Systems – Appropriate Use Policy (Approved January 29, 2014, Amended November 18, 2015)
5780.1  Procedure – Social Media Guidelines (Received January 29, 2014)
5780.2 Procedure – Protection of School District Records when Working Away from the Workplace (Received November 18, 2015)
5905  Alcohol – Consumption, Possession and Storage (Approved June 13, 2007 and February 13, 2013)
5905.1 Procedure Alcohol – Consumption, Possession and Storage (Received June 13, 2007)
Section 6000: Facilities
Covers new construction, long-range planning, renovating and remodeling, maintenance, and leasing and renting of facilities
Section 7000: Human Resources
Policies dealing with recruitment and selection, contracts, tenure, assignment and transfer, employee benefits, retirement and resignation
Section 8000: Curriculum & Instruction
Policies regarding school courses and other education-specific topics
Section 9000: Students
Policies regarding student registration, placement, health & safety, and school fees
9200 Student Catchment Areas and Student Placement (Approved October 29, 2014)
9200.1 Procedure – Student Placement (Received for information October 29, 2014 and June 21, 2017)
9325 Education Programs for Non Residents (Approved April 12, 2017)
9325.1 Procedure – Education Programs for Non-Residents (Received April 12, 2017)
9325.2 Procedure – Education Programs for Non-Residents – Homestay Families (Received April 12, 2017)
9410 Safe, Caring and Healthy Schools (Approved February 27, 2013)
9415 Inclusive Schools (Approved February 13, 2013)
9420 Dangerous Weapons in Schools (Approved February 13, 2013)
9430 Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings (Approved May 18, 2016)
9430.1 Procedure – Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings (Received May 18, 2016)
9500  Suspension and Exclusion of Students from School (Approved February 8, 2017)
9510 Flags – Canada and British Columbia (Approved October 10, 2012)
9601 Anaphylaxis (Approved October 29, 2014)
9601.1 Procedure – Anaphylaxis (Received October 29, 2014 and September 23, 2015)
9610 Health Care Needs (Approved February 13, 2013)
9610.1 Procedure – Medical Intervention (October 29, 2014, September 23, 2015)
9610.2 Procedure – Seizures (Received September 23, 2015)
9610.3 Procedure – Type 1 Diabetes (Received September 23, 2015)
9801 Fees – Hardship (Approved April 12, 2017)
9801.1 Procedure_Fees – Hardship – Low Income Waiver (Received April 12, 2017)
9925 Non-District Sponsored Activities Including Students (Approved February 13, 2013)
Section 10000: School-Community Relations
Pertains to relations with the general public, community organizations, and other public agencies
Policies Under Review
The following policies are currently under review. Please verify any items of concern.

The Board of Education has embarked on a process of Board Policy Development and a review of policies for currency and relevancy. This work is underway and guided by Board Policy Development 2500. The policies listed below are currently subject to this review. Please verify any items of concern. 

For further information regarding the status of a policy, contact Karen Yoxall.


Revenue Investments – DFA
District Wide Revenue Generation Activities – DFCA
Financial Reporting and Administration – School and Donated Funds – DICA
Video Taping on School Buses – ECAD
Employees with AIDS and HIV Infection – GBE
District Health & Wellness – GBEB
Employee Contracts and Compensation Plans – GBN
Supervision of Professional Staff (Administrative Officers) – GCMA
Supervision of Professional Staff (Board Executive Officers) – GCMB
Evaluation of Professional Staff (Administrative Officers) – GCNA
Evaluation of Professional Staff (Board Executive Officers) – GCNB
School Day – ID
Work Experience – IGADA
Food Services Management – Teaching Kitchen – IGADB
Locally Developed Courses – IGAK
Fund Raising Activities – IGDF
Community and Adult Education Programs – IGE
Student Entry During School Year – JCA
Home School Learners – JECBAA
Student Vandalism – JFA
Student Dress Code – JFCA
Student Conduct on School Buses (District Owned Buses) – JFCB
Student Conduct on School Buses – JFCC
Student Alcohol, Illegal Substance Use and Intoxicants (See also Policy GBKA) – JFCH
Student Discipline – JG 
Failure to Attend to Studies or Continued Infractions of School Rules – JGDA
Student Safety – JHF
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse – JHFE
Student Records – JO
Public Information Programs – KB
News Releases – KBCA
Public Gifts to Schools or the District – KH

School Heritage Archives
(Approved – October 29/08)

School Volunteers
(Approved – March 26/08)

Professional Development
(Approved September 28, 2005)

Our vision
Our vision is for every individual to feel valued and for all learners to reach their potential.
Our mission
Our mission is to support all individuals in their development as successful learners, and as respectful, caring and responsible members of society.