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Strategic Facilities Plan

In order to ensure that future Capital Plan submissions to the Ministry of Education accurately reflect the priorities and needs of the Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District, the board directed staff to prepare a comprehensive School District Strategic Facilities Plan in consultation with stakeholders, educators, the community and the two municipalities.

The Strategic Facilities Plan identifies and rationalizes current and future capital requirements for school sites, new schools, and facility upgrades based on building condition, seismic vulnerability and ongoing maintenance/life cycle costs; as well as new education initiatives.

This completed plan, which aligns with the board’s strategic direction as outlined in the Roadmap to Excellence, will provide the critical context for discussions with the municipalities regarding eligible school sites, the Ministry regarding high priority project requests, and the community regarding the board’s vision and priorities surrounding district facilities.

The Strategic Facilities Plan has been created in three steps:

1. Phase I: Strategic Facilities Review
[Archived] Download Strategic Facilities Review Document, April 2014

2. Phase II: Strategic Facilities Consultation – Facilities and Learning for Today and Tomorrow
[Archived] Download Engagement Framework and Open House Materials
[Archived] Download Public Consultation Summary Document, September 2015

3. Phase III: School District Strategic Facilities Plan
[Archived] Download Draft Strategic Facilities Plan, September 2015
[Archived] Download Public Consultation Summary Document, October 2015
Download Strategic Facilities Plan, adopted October 2015

The information gathered in the first phase was presented in the Strategic Facilities Review document, which in turn formed the foundation for phase two consultation. Phase two consultation included a meeting with the City of Maple Ridge and a meeting with the City of Pitt Meadows, a workshop with Board of Education Advisory Committees and Education Partner Groups, as well as a public engagement process consisting of two online surveys and an Open House.

The information presented in the Draft Strategic Facilities Plan was a culmination of the work done in phases one and two. It included draft recommendations in the areas of proposed new programs of choice, catchment area changes, and capital plan priorities for existing facilities and future schools. These draft recommendations have been shaped by the feedback the school district collected throughout the consultation process.

In the final step, the school district consulted with the public using a variety of tools to inform Board of Education decisions on the Strategic Facilities Plan and deepen public understanding about the proposed draft recommendations. The board adopted the finalized Strategic Facilities Plan in October 2015.

Strategic Facilities Plan Update 2018
Progress on Strategic Facilities Plan Recommendations
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