In the Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District, we are wholeheartedly committed to fostering a learning and working environment that embraces and uplifts every student and staff member.

Our objective is to ensure equitable opportunities that meet the needs of the wonderfully diverse community we serve. We are dedicated to this goal and with that in mind, the district is establishing a comprehensive three-year Accessibility Plan.

This plan will play a pivotal role in ensuring accessibility remains a priority as outlined in our vision and mission. It will allow us to continue working towards our vision by addressing the diverse needs of students and staff. We will be able to better support all individuals in their development as successful learners and respectful, caring and responsible members of society.

The Accessible British Columbia Act aligns with our district’s core values and we are committed to supporting equity of access by identifying, removing and preventing barriers.

We are dedicated to providing a learning and working environment that embraces diversity, empowers all individuals, and celebrates the unique contributions each person brings to our community.

Access the SD42 2023 Accessibility Plan in HTML format:

Access the SD42 2023 Accessibility Plan in PDF format:


Providing feedback

By survey/form

Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District No. 42 is inviting feedback from students, staff, and families on accessibility barriers in the district. These barriers can range from access to a school program, building, or school information, to the ability to receive a needed service or support. (Click here for a list of other potential barrier types.)  

The responses received will be reviewed by the SD42 Accessibility Advisory Committee for consideration. Feedback will help inform planning and decision-making aimed at improving accessibility in the district.

Provide feedback at


By email or phone

You may also provide feedback by email at or by phone at:

  • 604.463.4200 (Cheryl Schwarz, deputy superintendent)
  • 604.467.1101 (Michael Scarcella, director of learning services)


Feedback questions

The questions asked on the feedback survey/form are listed below.

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Survey/Form Questions

  1. Please provide the approximate date or date range the barrier was experienced (e.g. September 25, 2024; September 25 – October 2, 2024).
  2. Please indicate the specific location the barrier was experienced.
  3. What were you or someone you know trying to access?
  4. Was this barrier one-time or ongoing? 
    • One-time
    • Ongoing
    • Other (please specify)
  5. Please provide details about the accessibility barrier. Be as specific as possible.
  6. Do you have any recommendations for addressing the barrier?
  7. Is there any other feedback you would like to share?

* If you have any immediate accessibility concerns and/or would like to further discuss the barrier(s) you have identified, contact us at

Our vision
Our vision is for every individual to feel valued and for all learners to reach their potential.
Our mission
Our mission is to support all individuals in their development as successful learners, and as respectful, caring and responsible members of society.