Equestrian Academy

The Equestrian Academy at Thomas Haney allows students in grades 10-12 to earn 16 credits for pursuing equine academic studies and receive credit for practical applications of knowledge.

Horse owners achieve the practical component by working with a coach or trainer or riding independently. Non-horse owners can attend scheduled barn lessons (not mounted) or may opt for riding lessons at their own expense at affiliate equestrian facilities.

Grade 12 students may opt for concurrent studies with the University of Guelph distributed learning diplomas programs.




Contact Information

Thomas Haney Secondary
Heidi Gawehns
Phone: 604.463.2001

Our vision
Our vision is for every individual to feel valued and for all learners to reach their potential.
Our mission
Our mission is to support all individuals in their development as successful learners, and as respectful, caring and responsible members of society.