May 22, 2024: ELE Replacement Project Update – with site plan

May 22, 2024

Site preparations will begin Friday, May 24, 2024. As a part of this work, fencing will be erected to enclose and restrict access to the construction site. A map with detailed information about the location of the school construction zone, as well as new and existing access points is available here.

Highlights include the following:

Main Access Points During Construction

  • Environmental School (ES) at James Best Centre: ES families will be able to access the centre from 227th Street or any of the three other access points (Edge Street and 122nd Avenue).
  • Eric Langton Elementary School: Main access will be from Edge Street.
  • Pedestrian Access: Pedestrian access from our school to 122nd Avenue will be maintained.
  • Construction Site: Construction vehicles will access the site from 227th Street.


  • Pick-up and drop-off at the site will not be impacted at this time, although there may be an increase in traffic at varying times.


We are committed to keeping you informed with regular updates and will actively seek your feedback to address any concerns promptly.

  • Questions related to your child: Questions related to your child should continue to be directed to the school (your child’s teacher or the school principal, as appropriate).
  • Construction site related questions or concerns: Please do not approach the construction crew with questions. You can submit your question(s) and/or report concerns to us at, or anonymously at
  • We will review and respond to your emailed inquiries within two business days. If your concern is time-sensitive, please provide specific details, and we will address it as promptly as possible.    
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