June 21, 2024: ELE Replacement Project Update – excavation to begin June 26

June 21, 2024

Construction on the new school will begin after the last day of school for students, which is Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Starting on June 26, the construction crew will begin excavation activities. Their first task will be to build an erosion and sedimentation control basin on the northern side of the playground, located in the northwest corner (marked “ESC POND” on updated map). This basin is designed to manage erosion and capture sediment during the construction process.

During summer break, construction vehicles will access the site from the Edge Street entrance.

An updated map provides detailed information about the location of the erosion and sedimentation control basin, as well as existing access points. There are two copies of the map in this attachment: the first copy is in full colour, while the second copy highlights in colour only the three areas where changes have been made.

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