The envy of all gamers

July 28, 2016

By Neil Corbett – Maple Ridge News

Bite your tongues, moms and dads – it turns out your kid can make a living playing video games.

When you get up in the morning to find your teen has pulled an all-nighter on World of Warcraft, or see that your tot is a little bleary after an afternoon-wasting Minecraft binge, choose your words carefully. Because there is a kid from town who is living every teenage boy’s dream as an esports pro.

Ben deMunck, 19, lives in a gaming house in Santa Monica, and is part of the North American League of Legends Championship Series. He goes by the name LOD, and plays for team Envy.

The Maple Ridge secondary grad is a new gladiator in the online battle arena that is League of Legends. And he is making a living at it.

“You can make way more than a good living – some people are pulling in almost $1 million per year,” he said.

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