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#YourPathSD42: Hockey Academy


Did you know that you can pursue academic and hockey excellence at the same time?

School District No. 42 has teamed up with Pacific Rim Hockey Academy to develop a specialized program for students in Grades 8-12 that balances educational requirements with the development of hockey skills.

That means on and off-ice sessions are integrated into your normal school schedule.

“The Hockey Academy is so popular because students are allowed to pursue their passion during school hours,” explained Pitt Meadows Secondary’s Steve Kater, who has been involved with the academy for nine years.

“The program helps prepare students for future success on the ice through the additional skills, development, and varied coaching perspectives. Off the ice, students learn from their classroom time the importance of nutrition, goal setting, teamwork, and tactical sessions. This all helps prepare them for success as athletes and people.”

Craig Millin, owner of Pacific Rim Hockey Academy, noted that the program is as much about academics as hockey.

“We’re trying to keep kids engaged in school and understand the importance of maintaining strong academics for opportunities beyond high school and minor hockey.”

The academy also aims to help hone life skills and encourages students to become strong community citizens.  

Student-athletes in the program earn credit for physical education and/or advanced hockey.

Players are tested both on and off the ice to monitor individual improvement. They also receive video analysis, fitness assessments, one-on-one reviews and player profile reports.

Graduates of the program have gone on to play junior, college and professional hockey – but that’s not the determining factor for success.

“If attending the hockey academy plays a role in students staying in school and graduating, we consider that a success,” said Millin.

The Hockey Academy is available at Pitt Meadows Secondary and Samuel Robertson Technical and is open to all SD42 students.

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