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#YourPathSD42: CyberSchool

Did you know that CyberSchool puts the classroom online for SD42 students?

The innovative program of choice allows Grades 6-7 students to work online at home two days a week while still being able to get individual help from their teacher or collaborate electronically with classmates.

For the rest of the week, students attend regular classes at school.

Dave Dixon, the teacher who helped launch CyberSchool at SD42, believes the program has two major benefits: the use of technology and the online days – known as “Cyberdays” – that teach students to work independently. 

“The use of technology is embedded into our program – we are basically a paperless classroom, except for art,” Dixon explained.

Students learn to use their iPads to produce their own original work, whether that’s an essay comparing political systems, a video on an inquiry or a passion project, coding to make a robot respond to their commands, or designing a model for the 3D printer, Dixon added.

On “Cyberdays,” after reviewing the school work that needs to be accomplished, students set goals which they share with the teacher and then work to achieve them. 

“Our self-paced units, in areas such as math, science and writing also give students the opportunity to work independently, at their own rate,” said Dixon.

SD42 trustee Susan Carr, whose daughter participated in CyberSchool in Grades 6 and 7, says the program helps prepare young learners for future success in later grades by helping them to develop independent working skills such as organization, time management, research and problem solving.

“It really helped [my daughter] to make the transition from elementary school to high school,” she said. “These are skills you need in life.”

Jane Bioules, whose daughter is in the program for a second year, added: “It’s one of the best programs that this district could offer students as a choice.”  

“From a parent perspective I feel like CyberSchool allows kids to become more independent with their learning strategies. This program allows for lots of variety in how kids get a chance to learn,” she said. 

 CyberSchool is open to all SD42 students who will be going into Grades 6 and 7 in September 2017. Students are given the use of a digital device (iPad) for the school year.

Learn more:

A CyberSchool parent information meeting takes place on February 28 at Alouette Elementary (22155 Isaac Crescent, Maple Ridge) from 7 to 8 pm.


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