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Yennadon Elementary launches flood fundraiser

School District 42 students are scrounging up their loonies and toonies to help Fraser Valley communities devastated by flooding from last week’s unprecedented rainstorm.

Candace White, a librarian at Yennadon Elementary, said the school’s leadership team is hoping to raise a dollar from every student and is encouraging other schools to do the same. So far, Eric Langton Elementary, Alexander Robinson Elementary, and SD42 Learning Services have taken up the challenge, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross BC Flood Relief.

“We have got some little kids bringing in their piggy banks,” White said. “And then we have bigger kids who are not donating just a dollar, but $20.”

Yennadon’s student leadership team decided last week to focus its effort on raising money for flood relief. White said posters were quickly put up and messages were sent to parents, who have already responded with some big donations. At Yennadon, the goal is to raise $700, which should be accomplished if every student brings in $1, she added.

“It is pretty phenomenal how our community is rallying to help another close by community,” she said. “We do a lot of fundraising. I think our school community knows that giving back is something we just try and do when people are struggling.”

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