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New mural unveiled at Webster’s Corners elementary

Pictured above: Webster’s principal Ramin Mehrassa says students, staff, and parents were very excited to see the latest mural unveiled at the school. 


Students returning from summer vacation walked into the entranceway at Webster’s Corners elementary and looked up in amazement.

Above them stood tall evergreens, eagles, butterflies and a blue, cloud-dotted sky — all part of a vibrant new floor-to-skylight mural painted by local artist Jason Craft. 

Webster’s principal Ramin Mehrassa says that students, staff, and parents alike were very excited when they saw the new piece of school art.

The new mural is a continuation of an artwork Craft created on the walls of the school’s entranceway in January. “He interacts with the kids and staff and incorporates their ideas and suggestions – it’s very cool,” said Mehrassa. 

New Mural_Eagle2

The latest mural at Webster’s Corners features tall trees and eagles in flight.

The mural takes inspiration from student drawings reflecting the school’s natural surroundings and includes an apple tree, bird, fox, bear, cougar, raccoon, horses and a wildcat – the school’s moniker. 

“We’re very proud about how the mural reflects our community,” said Mehrassa. “It incorporated our surroundings. This is where we live.”

As an added bonus, Craft painted 10 small “hidden” bear footprints that students are invited to find.

Mehrassa has been a fan of Craft’s colourful creations for years. He was vice principal at Laity View elementary when the principal there, Shelly Linton, introduced him to Craft, who transformed the school’s gymnasium with a giant lion mural.

“It’s all about building a positive school community and developing pride in your school,” Mehrassa said.

When Mehrassa arrived at Webster’s Corners he contacted Craft. Mehrassa says the first mural immediately transformed the front entranceway.

“There was a real buzz. The feedback I get is really positive,” he said, noting that teachers, support staff and parents are equally excited about the murals.

Also included in the new mural is one of the school’s teaching philosophies painted in the clouds in large blue font: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all – Aristotle.”

“It all fits together,” Mehrassa said. “Teaching to the heart.  At Webster’s we work hard to develop a kind, caring, and welcoming school culture and the murals are part of that.”

The school’s parent advisory committee generously fundraised for the projects and a new mural for the school’s gymnasium is already in the works.








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