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2018 Leaders of Tomorrow: PEAK Leaders – Webster’s Corners

Webster’s Corners is excited about a new leadership program that brings two schools together with the goal of developing some amazing Leaders of Tomorrow.

Webster’s Corners Elementary, along with Thomas Haney Secondary (THSS), have taken leadership to a whole new level!  Senior leadership students from THSS are inspiring our younger youth at Webster’s to become leaders themselves.  

At Webster’s Corners Elementary, we’ve developed a school-wide Social Emotional Learning program called PEAK that strives to help all of our elementary students become Passionate, Engaged, Active and Kind global citizens.  This year has seen senior high school leadership students from THSS work with Webster’s Grade 4 and 5 students who would like to volunteer to become leaders (PEAK Leaders). The high school students guide our intermediate students to become positive role models in our community.

Throughout the school year, several Thomas Haney leadership students came to Webster’s Corners to mentor our volunteer PEAK Leaders. They helped the younger students to develop their own ideas and lead their own initiatives. Through this process, the Peak Leaders decided to organize lunch-time games and activities for kindergarten to Grade 3 students.

Turning the idea into action took initiative, commitment and passion from our PEAK Leaders. Our students took on the challenge to create engaging lunch-time activities which all of our primary students (about 100 children) could enjoy. 

They held many planning sessions during their own lunch and recess breaks to discuss what activities they should organize, who would run each one, and where the activities would be held.  And now, once each week at Webster’s, we are fortunate to have student organized noon-hour activities such as friendship art, board games, tag, and soccer for all of our primary students to enjoy. The PEAK leaders do an impressive job of running the activities themselves and the primary students appreciate participating in the fun.  Our volunteer PEAK Leaders have worked hard, alongside the THSS Leadership students and, together, they have all become Leaders of Tomorrow!


About Leaders of Tomorrow

The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District (SD42) has teamed up with the Maple Ridge News to celebrate local students who are making a difference at school and in the community. Elementary and secondary students featured as Leaders of Tomorrow were picked by their principals for making positive achievements in academics, sports, arts and community involvement.

The list is just a sample of outstanding students in the school district selected by their school during the 2017/18 school year – there are many others who were equally deserving of recognition for their exemplary achievements both inside and outside the classroom.

Every Tuesday throughout the school year, SD42 will profile a student selected as one of the 2018 Leaders of Tomorrow.

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