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2017 Leaders of Tomorrow: Zachary Greening – Kanaka Creek

During the 2016-17 school year, Zach was a student at Kanaka Creek. Often the first to arrive at the office at lunch, Zach’s enthusiastic approach to helping with litter pickup is impressive. His sense of social awareness and recognizing the needs of others allows him to intuitively be of help. He is often the first to volunteer and regularly holds open the door for his teacher stating, “I’ve got this. You don’t need to stand out here in the rain.”

Having a friendly disposition, Zach meets fellow classmates with a wide smile and encouraging words, “Do you want to help? I can show you.” His ability to be a confident communicator is impressive. Ms. MacKinnon, his Grade 1 teacher, remarked: “We often see Zach bringing a smile to the face of people in the school as he greets them by name. He remembers details and asks about them.”

Most importantly, Zach is thoughtful and caring. He notices when a classmate needs a bit of cheering up and will often put their needs before his own. He will “share his food, just because he thinks it will bring the other person joy,” explained MacKinnon. 

As a true leader, Zach is also mindful of the importance of having a plan and seeing it through to fruition. He is eager to follow through with ideas and enjoys involving others. He also knows the importance of consequences, and as a strategic thinker he can easily come up with alternate solutions to issues. 

About Leaders of Tomorrow

The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District (SD42) has teamed up with the Maple Ridge News to celebrate local students who are making a difference at school and in the community. Elementary and secondary students featured as Leaders of Tomorrow were picked by their principals for making positive achievements in academics, sports, arts and community involvement.

The list is just a sample of outstanding students in the school district selected by their school during the 2016/17 school year – there are many others  who were equally deserving of recognition for their exemplary achievements both inside and outside the classroom. 

Every Tuesday throughout the school year, SD42 will profile a student selected as one of the 2017 Leaders of Tomorrow. 

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