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2018 Leaders of Tomorrow: Rowan Danton – Garibaldi Secondary School

Rowan is an ambitious student with exceptional grades. She has extensive leadership and volunteer experience and has demonstrated the ability to work as a team member or in leadership capacity.

She has proven to be dependable, flexible, and goal oriented. Rowan is an energetic and positive student who is always smiling and enjoying whatever task or activity she is undertaking.

Academically, Rowan is currently taking all honours courses in preparation for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP), which begins in her Grade 11 year (2018-19). She has attained a perfect 4.0 GPA certificate between 2015-2018 and received many academic and leadership awards.

Rowan is actively involved in many clubs and activities. In some cases, she is a participant and in others she is in a leadership role. She is a member of the Garibaldi Student Government and has attended the YES Camp to develop her Leadership Training in Cooperative Values. She is the media manager/photographer for Rebels for a Cause at Garibaldi Secondary, a club that fundraises and promotes events to raise money to help Garibaldi families in need, local food shelters, and children in Ecuador.

Rowan attended the Mini Med School Attendee at BC Children’s Hospital in November 2017 and also plays Ultimate Frisbee player in the Vancouver Ultimate League.


About Leaders of Tomorrow

The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District (SD42) has teamed up with the Maple Ridge News to celebrate local students who are making a difference at school and in the community. Elementary and secondary students featured as Leaders of Tomorrow were picked by their principals for making positive achievements in academics, sports, arts and community involvement.

The list is just a sample of outstanding students in the school district selected by their school during the 2017/18 school year – there are many others who were equally deserving of recognition for their exemplary achievements both inside and outside the classroom.

Every Tuesday throughout the school year, SD42 will profile a student selected as one of the 2018 Leaders of Tomorrow.

Rowan is a true Leader of Tomorrow!

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