District Highlights

Leaders of Tomorrow: Olivia Harker – Maple Ridge Elementary

What makes Olyvia Harker a leader of today and tomorrow is her deep empathy for her fellow students as well as her natural leadership ability.

She is a dedicated Path Finder and has been a great role model for other Girl Guides for several years in our community. She would, in her humble way, credit others with helping and supporting her, however she is definitely a strong voice for environmental advocacy as well as her fellow students.

She has many qualities not the least of which are her diligence to her studies, her keen interest in fairness, her genuine humility, and her strength of character.

During the 2015-16 school year, Olyvia represented MRE at the DSAC as well as at the SD42 student forum. She is also a powerful voice on our school based student leadership team where she represented us at WE Day.

We are lucky to have Olyvia at our school and we will watch with interest her development as a leader of the now generation!

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