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New art gallery at PMSS hosts first exhibition

The Meraki Gallery at Pitt Meadows Secondary hosted its first-ever art show last week. PMSS students and art teacher Carla Dearman created the new permanent hallway gallery that’s located in the school’s art wing.

“It was something we first started talking about at the beginning of the year,” said Dearman. 

Nearly 20 art students began meeting in early November every Friday during Flex period to plan the gallery and its debut art show. 

“They did all the planning and designing and curating and framing and hanging and organizing of the event and naming of the gallery,” said Dearman. “[They planned] this big opening night where we could display not only the work from this gallery but work across all grades.”

The brochure for the grand opening of the gallery included quotes from several student-artists about why it was important to create this art space. “I wanted to be part of the creation of this gallery because I wanted the artwork in the school to have a place to be represented,” said one Grade 11 student.

The gallery space, which has good natural light, will include a comfortable bench where students can sit and appreciate and discuss art.

Student Dacia Farrance, who has plans to attend art school in the future, had four pieces on display at the grand opening.

“I’ve never [displayed my art in public] before. It was really cool… people complimented me; it was really nice. Everyone was supportive.”

Over 100 people attended the grand opening of the gallery on March 7 and enjoyed snacks, live music and amazing student-created art.

“It was very busy; there was a lot of excitement,” said Dearman about the opening night. “This is a permanent space and then when we do our opening nights or exhibition nights we have portable walls and we fill the whole space with art and music.”

PMSS principal Cheryl Schwarz was among those in attendance on opening night.

“I’m inspired by our students’ creativity and their courage to share the gift of their artistic talent with our school community,” she said.



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