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#FridayReads: Celebrate the diversity of all families with A Family Is a Family Is a Family

Kanaka Creek Elementary teacher-librarian Jodie Nagy recommends A Family Is a Family Is a Family by Sara O’Leary just in time for Family Day on February 19.

A Family Is a Family Is a Family, a picture book written by Sara O’Leary and illustrated by Qin Leng, is a playful and amusing look at the diverse families that make up our communities. I love this book because it prompts us to think about those people who mean the most to us. It’s a great read-aloud choice to celebrate Family Day!

When the teacher in the story poses the question, “What makes your family special?” each student shares how their family is different and unique. We learn that there is a great deal of variety when it comes to ‘the family unit’ including blended families, foster families, families with two moms or two dads, families with parents living apart, culturally diverse families, and families with disabilities. We also learn that, regardless of what a family looks like, all families are special and that caring about each other is the most important part. 

This story is best suited for kindergarten to Grade 3 audiences and aligns with B.C.’s curriculum, under the positive personal and cultural identity core competency.  It’s also a great choice to spark conversations at home with your children.

A Family Is a Family Is a Family is available in SD42 libraries in English and French as well as an eBook on Sora.

  • Learn more about families in our community and around the world with the Family Day Virtual Library (click the images to browse).

The cover of the book "A Family Is a Family Is a Family" by Sara O'Leary.

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