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#FridayReads: Celebrate Nowruz with the Seven Special Somethings

SD42 settlement worker Shabnam Momtahen recommends Seven Special Somethings: A Nowruz Story by Adib Khorram for the Persian New Year.

Nowruz is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the new year. “Now” means new and “ruz” means day. This year, it falls on March 19.

The haftseen table is one of the main features of the holiday and it’s a display of seven items that start with the letter “S”. In the book, Seven Special Somethings: A Nowruz Story by Adib Khorram, the items displayed on the table are symbols of rebirth, wealth, health, beauty, bravery, sunshine, and patience.

Like Kian, I also helped my parents set up the haftseen table in our home, and I often added more items to the table for good luck. Kian is keen to add his cat, Sonny, to the table but his cat wrecks it. He decides to create a new haftseen table, and as he quickly zooms around his house in search of items that begin with the letter “S”, he discovers that the items are connected to the relationships he has with his family. Kian learns that family and happiness are the true meaning of Nowruz.

Some of the best memories of my childhood are dressing up for Nowruz, jumping over a fire for Chaharshanbe Suri, visiting our loved ones, and receiving Eidi, which is the tradition of gifting money to children.

Seven Special Somethings: A Nowruz Story is available in SD42 libraries and on Sora

"Seven Special Somethings: A Nowruz Story," by Adib Khorram.

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