School Safety Notification System

August 30, 2019 11:04 AM

Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District No. 42 has developed a School Safety Notification System in collaboration with Ridge Meadows RCMP to keep students, staff and volunteers safe. While it is impossible to anticipate all eventualities, the notifications below are used as a guide to conduct these procedures effectively.

School Drills

All schools in the Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows school district practice important safety techniques to keep students and staff safe during emergencies. We hold three fire drills in the spring and three in the fall; do two earthquake drills per year and participate in the Great BC Shakeout; and also conduct full lockdown drills at secondary and lockdown procedure awareness at elementary.

Download a copy of our School Safety Notification System poster.


Used in the event of an earthquake, explosion, or any event that shakes the school.

  • Quickly move away from obvious hazards
  • DROP low to the ground
  • COVER – take cover under a sturdy table, desks, furniture, or other large sturdy items
  • HOLD ON – to the furniture you are under and stay there until the shaking stops
  • Once shaking stops, wait 60 seconds and then evacuate via the shortest safe route
  • Assemble outside at the designated assembly site


Used when there is a security concern, such as a police incident, in the neighbourhood of the school.

  • Principal/designate to announce “hold and secure,” repeating several times
  • Principal/designate to call District Education Office (604.463.4200) to inform of Hold and Secure
  • Lock exterior doors and exterior window blinds, minimize activity in hallway
  • Put sign on front door advising visitors that school is in a Hold and Secure
  • Normal duties may continue within the school
  • Hold and secure will be lifted by an announcement from the principal/designate under direction of RCMP


Used to prevent intruders from entering occupied areas of the school, or in times when it is necessary to isolate students and staff from a danger outside or within the building.

  • Principal/designate will announce “lockdown now,” repeating several times
  • Principal/designate will call 911 and the District Education Office (604.463.4200) – only when/if it is safe to do so
  • Students and staff gather in the nearest secure room
  • Close and secure doors
  • Turn off lights, close windows and blinds, get down behind heavy furniture or out of sight, stay quiet
  • All students must turn off cellphones
  • Do not respond to anyone at the door, and ignore dismissal bells
  • Remain in lockdown until the room is cleared by authorities


Used as a short-term measure to protect students and staff from potential dangers outside the school (e.g. environmental weather-related emergencies, dangerous wild animals on school grounds, or a missing child).

  • Bring everyone into school and remain indoors
  • Secure exterior doors and windows
  • Close exterior window blinds (if available)
  • Turn off all ventilation systems (if available/appropriate)
  • Staff designates will monitor access to school via main entrance
  • Access may be denied if a risk exists that jeopardizes safety of occupants


Used to move people out of the school when a hazard exists inside. May include floods, potential fire, or a bomb threat.

  • Students and staff directed to exit school using the safest route
  • Students and staff to assemble outside at a designated assembly site


Used to move people away from a hazard contained in one room/area.

  • Students directed to leave the room/area and report to designated area
  • Principal/designate to call for assistance as needed (e.g. principal/vp, custodian, 911, first aid attendant)
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