Local students ‘desk-pedalling’ their way to better learning

November 12, 2015

By Mike Lloyd and Martin CacMahon – News 1130

It’s now fairly well-established that kids learn better when they are active, but how do you let them move while keeping down the chaos in the classroom?

One local school is letting students pedal their way through their learning day by providing some very interesting desks.

Laity View Elementary in Maple Ridge bought two “kinaesthetic” motion desks and put them into classrooms in September.

“They are raised desks with bicycles attached to them so, basically, students sit and pedal while they work,” says Laity View principal Shelley Linton. “We wanted to see if they would benefit students’ behaviour, learning and focus in the classroom.”

After 2.5 months, the desks — which each seat two students — have proven to be hugely popular with both students and teachers.

“I’ve talked to lots of kids about them,” Linton tells NEWS 1130. “They love them and [the desks] are used constantly. What they say is that it helps them to focus — if they feel fidgety, they can sit and pedal. One of them told me he doesn’t get antsy in class anymore and it keeps him out of trouble because he’s busy spinning away on the bike.”

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