Maple Ridge student paints 197 flags from around the world

May 4, 2024

By Colleen Flanagan, The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows News

The cafeteria at Garibaldi Secondary School will have some new colourful tiles added to the ceiling.

Grade 12 student Sakura Daughton has spent the past year painting every single flag in the world on the three ceiling tiles.

She got the idea for the project from a game she would play with her friends where they would show each other flags and then have to guess the country.

In the hall outside the cafeteria, there are flags for all of the international students who attend the school. However, Daughton thought, there were other students from smaller countries in the world who were not represented, nor students who are simply proud of their heritage.

So, when she found out that any student at the school could paint the ceiling tiles in the cafeteria, she thought why not design something that is representative of everyone?

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