New inclusive mural will greet students in September at Maple Ridge school

August 5, 2023

By Colleen Flanagan, The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows News


That is the theme of a new mural that graces a wall in the cafeteria at Garibaldi Secondary.

The art piece – about 24 metres long and four metres high – depicts the four seasons, and incorporates the Golden Ears Mountains, a grizzly bear, a body of water, and the forest. And, within some of the elements of the artwork, like within the image of the grizzly bear and a tree, words like love, caring, and respect fill the frame – words the team felt represented the theme.

It was born from the will of chef instructor Brent Mcgimpsey, when he took over the school’s teaching kitchen from Chef Daniel Lesnes two years, he was adamant that the walls needed some colour.

“It was very dated,” Mcgimpsey said. “Just beige walls everywhere.”

In the cafeteria, which seats about 300 students, the walls were dull and hadn’t been painted for at least 20 years, said Mcgimpsey. One of the walls, in particular, was begging to have a mural put on it, he said.

So, he got a group together, made up of students, teachers, educational assistants, and those in administration, to brainstorm ideas about the theme for the mural and what elements could go into one.

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