Entrepreneurs at Yennadon

April 29, 2016

By Michael Hall – Maple Ridge News

Beau Benedictson knows medals. He has a drawer full of them, and a head full of great memories, all in just a few years of playing minor hockey and baseball.

He wasn’t sure what to do with them all – tangled up and out of view – until his Grade 5 teacher at Yennadon elementary, Catherine McIntosh, assigned the class a project.

As part of the Maple Ridge school’s annual entrepreneurial fair, students have to develop a product along with a business plan – to produce, market and, eventually, sell.

Beau talked to his grandmother, Terri Marlow, about what type of product he should make. She counseled him to follow the advice of the hosts on the TV show Shark Tank – find a problem, develop a solution.

Beau was quick to identify the problem with his medals – he needed a way to display them.

Again in conversation with his grandmother, a long-time crafter, they came up with “Beau’s Sports Medal Hanger.”

The concept is simple, and inexpensive. Images of sports equipment – cleats and skates, soccer balls and baseballs – are spray-painted on wooden cutouts matching each shape, and tacks are embedded around them from which to hang medals. On the back of each one is a strip of sticky tape to fasten to walls, or doors.

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