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Yennadon students share what makes them unique during Identity Day Tour

Yennadon students used poster boards, dioramas, and drawings to show what makes them unique during the school’s Identity Day Tour this month.

The students setup displays at their desks, before going from room to room to see the different projects their classmates created, which highlighted different hobbies, interests and cultures.

“The idea behind Identity Day is a simple one,” said Caroline Williams, a teacher at Yennadon Elementary who helped organized the activity. “Everyone creates something — anything — to show one piece of their identity.”

Williams said the idea for the Identity Day Tour came from her love of science fairs, where students get a chance to create something they can show to the class.

Many of the children used the project to highlight different personality traits, interests, and accomplishments. Carys, a Grade 4 student at Yennadon, said she chose dance because it is something she enjoys and wanted to share with her classmates.

Stephanie, a Grade 4 student at Yennadon Elementary, used her Identity Day project to highlight different aspects of her personality.

“You get to go on stage and do competitions,” she said. “All of my dances are really fun this year and they were really fun last year.”

Stephanie, another Grade 4 student, put together a poster displaying different aspects of her culture and family traditions, like camping.

She also noted her passion for food and cooking.

“I really like to eat,” she said. “I love salad rolls, ketchup chips, and sushi.”

Williams said the Identity Day Tour is a great way for participants to learn more about the students beyond their classmate. It also makes them more aware of others in the school who may share similar experiences.

“It’s a way to forge connections and help build relationships,” Williams said. “It makes us more aware of what makes us us and how we can go about exploring our interests and connecting with others who share those interest with us.”

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