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Webster’s Corners students gather for Stone Soup meal

Webster’s Corners elementary has a delicious new annual tradition that brings together the entire school community.

Students gathered on Oct. 27 for the second annual Stone Soup meal, which was served up in the gymnasium.  Every class in the school – from kindergarten to Grade 7 – contributed to the hearty soup by bringing in a variety of ingredients and adding them to a communal pot. 

Teachers and educational assistants helped with the meal prep and parents pitched in to cook and serve the meal, which also included student-made biscuits and dessert treats.

“This event really brings our school community together and is a concrete way for our students to see how everyone, working together side-by-side, can create something meaningful,” said Webster’s principal Ramin Mehrassa.

Mehrassa said the event is a wonderful way to celebrate the school community and helps them branch out into other community service-oriented activities, such as having grade 4-7 students volunteering at the Caring Place twice week to serve lunch to those in need.

“Webster’s Corners is in the second year of implementing a school-wide program called PEAK, which emphasizes leadership, community and service,” Mehrassa explained. “And as part of the program, we’ve established this new annual tradition of sharing a communal Stone Soup meal. It really brings us together.” 

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