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2016 Leaders of Tomorrow: Briana Fairborn – Webster’s Corners

Briana Fairbairn is an outstanding leader and a remarkable individual. During the 2015-16 school year, she was a Grade 5 student at Webster’s Corners Elementary and a shining light in our school community.

This year our school adopted eight Syrian students and Briana was quick to volunteer her time to make sure our new students felt supported and accepted. Briana was one of our student guides who toured the Syrian children around our facility and familiarized them with our resources, routines and support systems.

Briana, being the kind and considerate leader that she is, offered her personal touch by holding the hands of the younger students while showing them their new school. Briana, months later, still cares for the Syrian students.

For the entire school year Briana has volunteered her time at lunch to monitor the primary students on a daily basis. The younger students really look up to Briana as a role model and leader. Briana thoroughly enjoys her time in the primary classrooms and is also a very patient and effective teacher.

When our class hosted a war veteran’s tea in November, Briana was very involved in the planning and delivery of the event. Along with her classmates, she helped with decorations, speeches and serving our guests. You could see that Briana was in her element as she loves to care for others.

Briana is a very bright individual who thrives at school. She enjoys learning new things and she accepts challenges very well. Briana is a strong leader and can teach to an entire class or she can be a quiet supporter encouraging others in a gentle way. In other words, Briana can lead in many ways and she knows how to adapt and adjust to the people she works with.

One of Briana’s other accomplishments this year was her first place finish in the school public speaking contest for Grade 5 students. Her speech on ‘Bees’ was also shared at the district public speaking contest were she was able to inform the audience about the environmental impact that bees have in our world. Briana is a problem solver who wants to be actively engaged rather than being a spectator on the side.

Briana’s most recent contribution was her participation in the May ‘Shoreline Clean-Up’ at Kanaka Creek Regional Park where 150 Webster’s Corners students, parent volunteers and staff spent time picking up garbage and learning about our local parks and ways to value and support them.

Not only is Briana a natural leader and strong student, she is also an enthusiastic athlete. Briana has qualified to represent Webster’s Corners at the SD42 Track and Field meet at MRSS in June.  Briana is also active athletically in the community where she has acquired her yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and as well as playing on the Rep A softball team as a catcher.

It has been a real joy teaching Briana this year. She has the heart of a Mother Teresa and she is always giving to others. Our Webster’s Corners community is very proud of Briana and all of her contributions and we look forward to seeing Briana’s leadership skills continue to soar in her grade six and seven years.   

About Leaders of Tomorrow

The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District (SD42) has teamed up with the Maple Ridge News to celebrate local students who are making a difference at school and in the community. Elementary and secondary students featured as Leaders of Tomorrow were picked by their principals for making positive achievements in academics, sports, arts and community involvement.

The list is just a sample of outstanding students in the school district selected by their school during the 2015/16 school year – there are many others  who were equally deserving of recognition for their exemplary achievements both inside and outside the classroom. 

Every Tuesday throughout the school year, SD42 will profile a student selected as one of the 2016 Leaders of Tomorrow.

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