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PMSS teacher awarded international fellowship travels to Japan to study

The next time social studies teacher Tim Dilley discusses Japan with his students, he will be able to offer some first-hand insight.

Dilley, who teaches at Pitt Meadows Secondary, was recently awarded the 2019 Keizai Koho Center Teacher Fellowship and had the opportunity to travel and study in Japan from June 24 to July 2.

“Actually seeing these places that I have read and studied about; it’s a game-changing experience,” said Dilley.

During the nine-day trip, Dilley learned about Japanese culture and its economy and education system.

“We met in small groups with Tokyo-area social studies teachers to discuss curriculum, assessment, and other issues of interest to teachers in North America and Japan,” Dilley explained.

Trip highlights include a guided tour through the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo by a Shinto priest and meeting former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda at the House of Representatives in Tokyo. 

Dilley also had the opportunity to teach a lesson at Kyoto Gakuen High School in Kyoto. 

“My lesson was about comparing Japan and Canada’s geography, heads of state and also about Haida mythology. The kids were very interested in learning about Canada.”

The visit to Japan also included a homestay, sightseeing trips around Tokyo and Kyoto, and roundtable discussions with educators and business leaders.

Dilley was one of 10 recipients of the Keizai Koho Center Teacher Fellowship, and the only one from Canada.

The Keizai Koho Center offers the KKC Study Tour to Japan for North American middle and high school teachers in cooperation with the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) to promote deeper understanding and connection between North American educators, their students, and Japanese society.

 “It was an amazing opportunity,” said PMSS principal Cheryl Schwarz. “Tim is a passionate social studies teacher who creates engaging learning opportunities for his students. Tim’s love for learning is inspiring!”



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