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KCE students donate to those in need

Kanaka Creek Elementary students have found a unique way of enjoying their Halloween candy: by giving it away.

Last month, the children pooled their Halloween haul and repackaged the sweets into 700 bags with hand-drawn holiday messages and decorations. The candy was then distributed to senior centres, drug and alcohol treatment centres, and the food bank in Maple Ridge.

“People gave them candy for Halloween out of the goodness of their hearts and now they are reciprocating,” said Debby Moran, a teacher at the school and an organizer of the event. “[It’s] sometimes hard to give up candy for some, but they do it.”

Kanaka Creek has held the candy donation for the last 10 years and involves students from the whole school. Moran said it is a great way to give back to the community and show students how they can help people in need.

“Classes usually have discussions about the less fortunate,” she said. “This small gesture puts a smile on someone’s face, and this possibly is the only gift they received during the holidays.”

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