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Davie Jones students plant trees to commemorate Grade 7 graduation

Students at Davie Jones Elementary (DJE) are making their mark on the school.

The Grade 6/7 classes — many of who will be moving on to secondary school next year — are commemorating their transition by planting trees on school grounds. Ola Cholewa, a teacher at DJE, said students wanted to do something significant to mark this important milestone in their academic careers.

“We knew we couldn’t hold a traditional grad ceremony this year, so we wanted to think of something meaningful that each Grade 6/7 class could do,” she said. “Each of the classes got to plant one tree, so in the end, four trees were planted.”

Cholewa said cedars were chosen because the species holds cultural significant with local First Nations. Planting the trees is a way for students to not only give back to their school community, she added, but also leave a legacy of taking care of the lands where they learn.

“The students have been busy caring for the trees and are responsible for the daily watering of the trees,” Cholewa said. “We are so happy with how it all turned out in the end.”

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