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SD42 students celebrate Earth Day

Eric Langton Elementary recognized Earth Day last week with a new 3D art display called Eye Spy that highlights the importance of the natural environment.

The piece uses recycled and natural materials to create a hobbit village, where students are asked to spot items hidden throughout, like a blue bucket, soccer ball, pen, and dice.

“Mrs. Gross created this beautiful display to honour our planet,” said ELE principal Jenn Simon.


The school also celebrated Earth Day with a trivia game show, a scavenger hunt, and a community clean-up for primary and intermediate classes.

Eric Langton was not the only SD42 school that was busy with environmental-focused initiatives last week.

Students at Yennadon Elementary organized a book swap, giving new life to old books while emphasizing the importance of reusing — one of the the three Rs.

“All students in the school were invited to bring in gently used books for the swap and receive one ticket for each donated book that can be used to select a new book at the exchange,” said Yennadon principal Lisa Lawrance. “Our school’s book swap event not only provides students with an opportunity to share and upcycle books, but also gives students a chance to choose a good book and immerse themselves in their book choices.”

Yennadon students also took part in a bee inquiry project. Through their own research, Caroline Williams Grade 3 class was tasked with answering an inquiry question about the winged insects, like which bees live in Maple Ridge and why are bees so important?

“It’s been a great opportunity to engage in place-based learning involving something the kids really care about,” Williams said.

Students at Harry Hooge held a neighbourhoood litter pickup, while Mrs. Harmston’s Grade 2/3 class made Earth Day seed paper.

Garibaldi Secondary expanded Earth Day into an entire week of activities, starting with Flora and Fauna Day on Tuesday, Zero Footprint Day on Wednesday, Cleanup Day on Thursday and Green Day on Friday.

Students held cleanups, bike-to-school rides, and discussed ways of reducing their environmental footprint.

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