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SD42 student leaders ready to take action on sustainability

Elementary and secondary Student Voice leaders from across the Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows School District are ready to be the change. Last week the students attended an event hosted at Westview Secondary that included a keynote presentation by Maureen Jack-LaCroix of Be the Change Earth Alliance.

Be the Change supports global sustainability through education that empowers behaviour change. 

“Most importantly I wanted [the students] to understand that they can be a powerful force for positive change; that in living systems change happens from the bottom up,” explained Jack-LaCroix. “Our youth are part of the most diverse, inclusive, techno savvy and communication connected generation that humanity has ever seen, and we welcome them to this great turning from an industrial – consumer economy to a life-sustaining society.”

Afterward, a trio of leadership students from the Delta School District shared an inspiring presentation on some of the sustainability initiatives at their district. 

Alexandra Tudose, SD42 manager, energy & environmental sustainability, helped organize the event and encouraged students to take sustainability action at school and at home by taking a  ‘green’ pledge, signing up their school for the annual SD42 Energy Challenge, which takes place during the entire month of February and starting a Green Team at their school.

“Many people often overlook an idea or never take action on something because they believe they can’t make a difference. Small changes can add up to big results. I hope that what students heard at Student Voice will encourage them to take action on climate change and sustainability,”said Tudose.

Added Jack-LaCroix: “Judging from the Maple Ridge student leaders’ enthusiastic pledge of actions, they are obviously keen to come on board.”

Learn more about the SD42 Energy Challenge.


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