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Pop-up pumpkin patch at c̓əsqənelə!

When students at c̓əsqənelə Elementary arrived at school on Tuesday, they discovered a pumpkin patch on the backyard sports field.

“There’s lots of excitement at the school today. We’ve got our own magical pumpkin patch, which has appeared overnight with the help of some amazing teachers and leadership students,” says principal Jon Wheatley. 

Grade 1/2 teacher Jennifer Sylte and kindergarten teacher Jeannie Friesen organized the pop-up pumpkin patch. 

“Initially, due to COVID, we couldn’t have a pumpkin patch field trip; it’s one of my favourite [field] trips to take the kids on, and since we weren’t able to, we thought what better idea than to bring the pumpkin patch here?” says Sylte. 

So, she and Friesen began planning the Halloween surprise. Operation “pumpkin patch” included a large cast of volunteers, one large delivery truck and a forklift. 

“We got around 600 pumpkins from the Laity Pumpkin Patch. We delivered them and hand-placed them into the field with the help of our Grade 6/7 students and lots of our staff; we were able to create this pumpkin patch,” says Sylte, who was dressed as a scarecrow for the occasion

On Tuesday, each class at c̓əsqənelə had a chance to visit the pumpkin patch for 20 minutes with their cohort group and select a pumpkin to decorate. 

“This [pumpkin patch] is a great place for kids. To see their faces this morning – the surprise the excitement. To have their very own pumpkin patch it’s making for a magical morning at c̓əsqənelə,” adds Wheatley. 



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