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Pitt Meadows students celebrate World Culture Day

Students at Highland Park Elementary held their second annual World Culture Day last month.

The event was inspired by Dewa Qarar, a Grade 8 student at Westview Secondary, who attended Highland Park last year.

“I see all of these students from different countries,” she said. “They all come to me and say how they are excited for culture day and I feel like that was me too when I was younger.”

Leah Kitamura, an English language learning specialist teacher at Highland Park Elementary, said the event was an opportunity for students to share aspects of their culture that others may not know about.

Children wear clothing, read poems, perform dances and sing songs that reflect their diverse cultural backgrounds.

“Culture Day is about celebrating everyone’s culture in a specific showcase,” she said. “Every year is different.”

Vanshdeep K., a Grade 5 student who moved to Canada from India two months ago, said she was happy to take part in the event.

“I hope that people learn how important culture [is] to others and that it is nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to be laughed at,” she said.

Camila O., who is originally from Chile, said events like Highland Park’s culture day are an opportunity to learn about the backgrounds of her fellow students.

“I hope that people learn about other people’s cultures and origins,” she said. “It makes me feel safe and welcomed here in Canada.”

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