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Kanaka Creek students embrace the spirit of giving

Students at Kanaka Creek Elementary enjoy sharing the Christmas spirit. 

For the past five years kids at the Maple Ridge school have donated some of the candy they’ve collected at Halloween to a student Christmas project that’s dedicated to giving back to the community during the holidays.

Students in Paul Moran’s Grade 6/7 class and Debby Moran’s Grade 3 class repackage the Halloween candy into bags that are festively hand-decorated and then sealed with a red tag the reads: Season’s Greetings From Kanaka Creek Kids. 

This year, the students have repackaged and decorated more than 700 Christmas bags which have been donated to local seniors facilities, a treatment centre and the Friends in Need Food Bank. 

“It’s about giving back,” said Paul Moran. “The kids here are just so generous. This is just an opportunity to help out that way. [The recipients] are so appreciative.”



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