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Glenwood school spirit captured in grizzly bear mural

Glenwood Elementary is unveiling a new mural next week.

The painting, which was created by Ravens Vision artist Jillian Currie, features the school’s mascot grizzly in white on blue and will be prominently displayed in the building.

“This beautiful bear does embody our Glenwood way,” said Glenwood Elementary principal Anelma Brown. “We believe in a kind, wrap-around approach. We practice and support First People’s Principles of Learning. We value resilience.”

She added that the mural was a legacy gift paid for by the fundraising efforts of the Grade 7 Class of 2020 and thanked the students for their contribution. The artwork will be officially unveiled on June 21.

Currie, the artist, said the presence of the grizzly bear is prominent in all Indigenous cultures and the animals are seen as symbols of wisdom and strength.

“I created this piece of art at Glenwood to remind us to protect our way of life, to fight for what is right, and to restore balance in our community,” Currie said. “Sharing our culture creates curiosity. That curiosity creates conversation. That conversation creates knowledge. That knowledge creates understanding. That understanding creates compassion. That compassion will create change.”

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