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#FridayReads: Celebrate the importance of school libraries with The Loud Librarian

Westview teacher-librarian Krystyna Eddy recommends The Loud Librarian by Jenna Beatrice, just in time for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) and BC School Library Day on October 23.

October is Library Month and in B.C., we celebrate School Library Day on October 23. Students drop everything and read to celebrate the importance of literacy and school libraries.

I was so lucky to have been gifted this book last year and I fell in love with it because the main character, Penelope, and I are so similar. Everyone who meets me knows that I can be LOUD! So much so, that when I told my friends and family I wanted to be a librarian, they were shocked and even laughed! But guess what?! I have so many skills that make me a great librarian, including how loud I am. I hope you enjoy this book and its beautiful art as much as I do!

Penelope is a young person whose dream is to be a student-librarian helper for Ms. Berry, the school librarian. Penelope has been practicing all year to be an excellent helper in her school library.  There’s just one problem: Penelope is LOUD! So loud that the Earth shakes and they can hear her in space!  But when all hope of her dream seems to be lost, Penelope discovers she may have a gift that makes her perfect for her new role.

This book shows how sometimes the things about us that seem too much, or not good enough, may actually turn out to be the thing about us that others love and appreciate.

The book, "The Loud Librarian."

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