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#FridayReads: Celebrate Pride and love with Prince & Knight

Yennadon Elementary teacher-librarian Candace White recommends Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack for Pride Month.

Who doesn’t love a fairytale? This one has everything!

A king and queen looking for a princess for their son, the prince, to help rule his vast kingdom.

A terrible dragon wreaking havoc on a kingdom.

A prince rushing to save his people.

A fearless knight racing to the rescue.

A prince and a knight that fall in love and get married.

Wait… what? The prince doesn’t marry a princess? And everyone is just… OK with that? Well, yes! The prince and knight meet during the battle and fall in love, knowing that they are simply meant for each other.

The king, queen, and indeed, the entire kingdom are incredibly happy for them and celebrate the couple’s love without question or hesitation. Because that is the way love should be celebrated and that is why I chose this book!

Yes, the illustrations and rhyming text are fun, and some may see this as a “twist” on a classic fairytale, but I see it as so much more.

This is a book where people simply and readily accept everyone’s choice of what love means to them and that is powerful. Everyone deserves that respect and acceptance. As we have all heard by now, “love is love.”

Prince & Knight is available in SD42 libraries.

The book, "Prince & Knight," by Daniel Haack.

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