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#FridayReads: Little Hummingbird & Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Glenwood Elementary teacher-librarian Leanne Dunbar recommends Little Hummingbird & Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade 

“The two stories I’ve chosen share a similar message,” says Dunbar. “The Little Hummingbird by Haida author and artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas tells the story of a little hummingbird doing a small thing to fight a big problem. Similarly, the story of The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts, tells us about Sally McCabe, a little girl who takes a big step and speaks out about the problems she notices around her. These wonderful stories remind us that no matter how small we might feel or how big a problem might seem, there’s always something we can do to make things better.”

If you are interested in lessons featuring these stories, please see the following lesson plans: 6 Kind Activities inspired by The Little Hummingbird book and Activities for The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade.


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