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#FridayReads: Meet the Christmassy Cactus in new holiday book

Albion teacher-librarian Jennifer Mountfort recommends The Christmassy Cactus by Beth Ferry for Christmas.

Beth Ferry’s new picture book, The Christmassy Cactus, is a delightful story about an adorable tiny cactus who is excitedly waiting to be decorated when she sees her home being transformed for the Christmas season. She eagerly anticipates the moment when her little girl will add shimmering and sparkling things to her cactus spines, or twinkling, tinseling things like the giant pine tree in the living room. With each passing day, she becomes disheartened when her spines remain plain and unadorned. Her friend, Elephant, helps her continue to wish and believe in the magic of Christmas, even though she doesn’t feel like she’s a part of Christmas. In the end, her wish comes true in a very unexpected way!

This lovely book has sweet and enchanting illustrations by A.N. Kang. The little ones in our library thought the cactus was “very cute” and were very happy for her when her wish finally came true. They were very pleased she had her good friend, Elephant, so she wasn’t lonely. I loved this completely new and original holiday story that celebrates the special gift Tiny Cactus brings to Christmas. Beth Ferry is also the author of Stick and Stone, Stick and Stone Best Friends Forever, and The Scarecrow.

The Christmassy Cactus is available in SD42 libraries as well as an eBook on Sora.


The front cover of "The Christmassy Cactus" by Beth Ferry.

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