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#FridayReads: Learn how to Be a Good Ancestor this National Indigenous History Month

Aboriginal Education acting vice principal Joseph Martin recommends Be a Good Ancestor by Leona Prince and Gabrielle Prince for National Indigenous History Month.

I picked one of my all-time favourite picture books, Be a Good Ancestor, illustrated by Carla Joseph, in celebration of National Indigenous History Month this June.

Each stunningly illustrated page reminds us of our interconnectedness to all life, the ecosystem, and Mother Earth. Be a Good Ancestor reminds us of our personal and social responsibility to respect the land and each other through our thoughts, words, and actions.  

This is an excellent classroom resource for teaching the Personal and Social Core Competency through an Indigenous worldview that reinforces First Peoples/Indigenous Principles of Learning within a circle pedagogy framework. 

Be a Good Ancestor is available in the SD42 Aboriginal Education Library

"Be a Good Ancestor" by Leona Prince and Gabrielle Prince.


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