Policies and Procedures Posted for Public Input

April 19, 2021 10:35 AM

At its April 14, 2021 public meeting, the board received for information the following two revised policies and one procedure: Policy 2920: Trustees’ Remuneration, Procedure 2920 Trustees’ Remuneration, Policy 10820: Political Activities.

Changes to Policy 2920 were only of a housekeeping nature, while Policy 10820 was revised to clarify the definition of political activities and the authority given to the superintendent and secretary treasurer to implement the policy.

The board invites input from stakeholders and the public on these changes:

Our vision
Our vision is for every individual to feel valued and for all learners to reach their potential.
Our mission
Our mission is to support all individuals in their development as successful learners, and as respectful, caring and responsible members of society.