Letter for staff and families: travel and fuel restrictions

November 22, 2021 3:59 PM

Dear SD42 staff and families,

As you know, a significant recovery effort is underway following widespread flooding last week that covered highways, washed out bridges, and cut off vital railroad links. To conserve fuel for essential service vehicles, the province has implemented two temporary emergency orders to restrict non-essential travel in some areas. The province has also declared a state of emergency, which will remain in effect until December 1.

On Sunday, November 21, the Ministry of Education confirmed educational staff are considered essential service workers and requested that school districts explore ways of eliminating non-essential travel to support conservation efforts. The ministry provided school districts with the following guiding principles to support this work:

  • Keeping students and staff safe, as well as those in the broader community; 
  • Maintaining access to in-person instruction and educational continuity; and
  • Reducing fuel usage within the sector to the greatest extent possible to contribute to the provincial fuel and travel restriction measures.

To ensure we do our part in eliminating non-essential travel and reducing fuel consumption, SD42 is implementing the following measures:

  • Deferring field trips and sporting events until after December 1 (where possible);
  • Moving in-person meetings requiring travel online (where possible);
  • Offering elementary teachers participating in scheduled online student reporting conferences with families the option to work from home provided they have a private/confidential work space; and
  • Encouraging district-based staff who are able to work from home to do so.

Additionally, we encourage both staff and families to explore other ways of limiting travel. Where possible, this may include relying on public transportation, carpooling, cycling, or walking.

We appreciate all of your efforts and thank you for your ongoing support of our schools and our communities.


Harry Dhillon
Superintendent of Schools

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